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Series of audiovisual performances with visual artist Akiko Nakayama and musicians Yoana Robova and Petar Parmakov.

Postfactum is a platform for audiovisual performances, presented periodically in the form of video streams. The project aims to overcome the obstacles that the current world situation has placed in front of the contemporary audiovisual performance and the way it reaches the interested audience. In addition to overcoming the artist-audience distance, the platform seeks to help shorten the artist-artist distance. The visuals under the form of “alive paintings” are made by Akiko Nakayama (Japan). Working with the movement and vibrance of colors, she depicts the resonance between shapes and textures, using different types of liquids, each with its own characteristics. For their part, sound artists Mirian Kolev, Yoana Robova and Petar Parmakov separately and together create a sound environment that enters into a dialogue with the moving pictures.

This project is realized with the support of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria.



"Identifier" is an interdisciplinary project, site-specific dance and choreography, presented through the interaction of dance and cinema. A film that explores feelings of forced loneliness or solitude, painful or curious inspiration, topic issue nowadays.

Author: Katina Dishkov
Dance and choreography: Katina Dishkov
Cinematography: Ivan Nikolov-opnn
Costume: Agnes Vasileva
Music: Mirian Kolev


DARV_Abandoned Land 2.0

Intermedia dance performance
Ars Electronica Festival 2020

DARV_ Abandoned Land is an intermedia dance performance, which sprouts connections between analog and digital. The performers interact with large-scale objects and video projections, resembling the endless migration from one world to another in search for the better. The DARV team and eight dancers perform in various locations in Austria, South Korea and Bulgaria, guiding the audience through dystopian realities and abandoned sites. Drained-off utopias, failed social mechanisms and ideologies are embodied, explored and ultimately abandoned.
Conditioned by enforced changes along the work process, the project has naturally become a response to the present world situation, its limitations and possibilities.

DARV is a series of projects conceived by an international team of artists and interaction designers based in Austria. Contemporary Dance, Site-specific Installation and Video Art are connected via technology into Mixed Reality experiences, interlacing real and virtual realms.

DARV team: Lee Jung In (KR/AT), Mihaela Kavdanska/ KOTKI visuals (BG/RO/AT), Violeta Ivanova (BG/AT), Florian Weinrich (AT)

Concept and Creative Direction: DARV team 
Choreography, Dance Production: Lee Jung In Creation 
Art Direction and Video Projections: Mihaela Kavdanska 
Art Direction and Installation Art: Violeta Ivanova 
Interaction Design and Software development: Florian Weinrich
Choreography Assistant, Solo Dancer: Lee Seung Ju
Dancers: Lee Seung Ju, An Se Young, Hong Ye Eun, Lee Dae Heung, Yoh Morishita
Music: Mirian Kolev, Manja Ristic
Photo credits: Violeta Ivanova

Funding institutions: Arts Council Korea, Linz Kultur

Project partners: Lee Jung In Creation, Redsapata Tanz Fabrik, KOTKI visuals, LM Media, Pusch TV.





“Spaces Alive. Bucharest Surreal” is a series of five site-specific performative interventions, conceived and performed in Bucharest during July-November 2017. Once a month, a group of 14 visual, sound & performance artists, dancers, choreographer & curator, got together to create a new project, inspired by a new space: a club inhabiting an old factory, a museum, the oldest house in Bucharest, a white cube gallery and a private apartment.

Partners: Mo’Real Universe/ indexAR, Asociația Coolturală „Nouă Ne Pasă”, Calup, INP, A5 Studio Space, Rezidența BRD Scena9, Expirat, Muzeul Naţional al Hărţilor şi Cărţii Vechi, HomeFest, Centrul de Teatru Educațional REPLIKA, Revista Arta, Revista Zeppelin.

Dilmana Yordanova and Mihaela Kavdanska – concept & artistic direction, real time generative videos;
Mirian Kolev – soundscape, musician.
Mariana Gavriciuc, Lia Marin, Maria Beatrice, Daniela Sima – performers
Maria Mora – performer & production assistant
Simona Deaconescu – choreghrapher
Cristian Iordache – interactive design
Horea Avram – PhD, curator, consultant AR
Cristiana Tautu & Iris Noir – PR & social media

All photos © Alina Usurelu Photography
Video documentation: UMBRA Film Studio

spaces alive





Mirian Kolev - music
Adrian Manolescu - visuals

INNERSCAPE is a collab project between E.U.E.R.P.I (music) and Adistu (video art). They are two independent artists, but have a long history in collaborating to bring the public an inner journey that is both intense and calming, mind-bending but also soothing for the soul. They have performed together in France, Romania and Bulgaria since 2013 and their artistic skills complement each other in an organic and synesthesic fashion. 



Music/Dance Performance
Seoul Dance Center 2022

Music/Dance performance part of Seoul Stage 11 - simultaneous performances in 11 creative spaces on the first Thursday of each month at 11:00 am. 

Music: Mirian Kolev
Choreography: Yanghee Lee
Dance: Yanghee Lee, Soohee Park, Hojeong Kang

Hosted by Seoul Dance Center/Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

More at: stage11





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